MINI POST SERIES: Things I wish I had learned in Sex Ed/Health class–When do I ovulate?

I am not proud of this but when I was much younger, before I got into female sexual/vulvovaginal health, I was a part of the population that was unaware of when I ovulated. Having to take hormone replacement therapy because of a medical condition I had to learn really quick about what my menstrual cycle was doing in order to take my hormones on the correct days. Those on birth control also tend to not think about these points in the cycle and with the whole 5 seconds of teaching we receive in sex ed/health class about how the menstrual cycle works it’s no wonder a lot of people are incorrect as to when it happens.

Ovulation typically occurs on days 13 or 14, roughly 2 weeks after the first day of your period (which is considered day 1 of the menstrual cycle). Some people have a shorter first half of the cycle and ovulate sooner and an even smaller amount of people have a longer first half and ovulate later but in both cases it’s generally only a couple of days difference. I’ll cover the differences in discharges and vaginal fluids in a separate mini post but ovulation fluid is typically similar to egg white. It’s also normal to have this fluid noticed anywhere from the start of your period to ovulation as it is formed by your estrogen levels which are constantly fluctuating.

I have heard so many times that someone thought that ovulation was right before their period because they were aroused in the days beforehand (despite pms) and while this is understandable as how they came to that conclusion, it is incorrect.

Day 1: Period starts
Day 14:
Typical ovulation
Any Day between 24-31:
Period may begin again
depending on your genes bringing you back to Day 1

Pretty simple and easy to remember right? Yet either we didn’t pay attention in class, missed the class, or had inadequate sex ed/health education, but too many of us didn’t learn or retain this information.

Well, now you have it!

That’s all for this short in the series titled “Things I wish I learned in sex ed/health class”

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