Healthy hooha is on tiktok!!!

It’s less about my age and more that I was actively trying to avoid using Tiktok as another place to provide content since that platform is video based and I OBSESS about post-editing. I decided that the massive amounts of tidbits of information I have to share with the world regarding vulvovaginal and sexual health that doesn’t justify writing a full article or has more characters that Twitter allows, I would give in and start posting to Tiktok and force myself to not obsess about post editing, do 1 or 2 takes and just post.

I’ve already started posting and I made my first one a really good one, it’s about chronic/recurrent UTI’s or repetitive UTI’s after a sexual encounter-something that wayyyyy to many of us struggle with unnecessarily and really does have a simple fix for most of us…..

So anyway, go find me on Tiktok @healthyhooha, subscribe, like, share and most of all LEARN!!

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