Hi everyone!

I wanted to give some updates on what I have been working on since this year I haven’t published as many articles as previous years…here’s what I’ve been up to

A very special App!

The project that has been taking the majority of my time is a mobile app. Healthy Hooha is in the development phase of an app that is going to revolutionize female vulvovaginal & sexual health!! I know that doesn’t tell you anything about what the app is, I have to keep things hush hush for now but trust me you are going to freak!

Clinician Reference Toolkits

I am creating simple reference material for clinics and hospitals to have on hand for the various vulvovaginal & sexual health conditions that are seemingly more difficult to get diagnosed (as well as the common ones) but since we typically have to see so many clinicians in order to find one that has experience with things other than BV/YI, going up the ladder of knowledge and expertise each time, I thought I would partner with various Medical Systems to implement these reference materials to not only use as memory refreshing when a patient comes in but for those who may be unfamiliar with such conditions so they may be more valuable to a struggling patient in getting a diagnosis!

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