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Official statement regarding annovera birth control and other contraceptives using the combo of segesterone acetate and ethinyl estradiol

Disclaimer: I am not against the use of birth control including Annovera. I am against not having informed consent. I recently had the opportunity to speak with a few OBGYN’s, and other providers, who expressed their excitement and preference for prescribing Annovera birth control ring as their understanding was that the Annovera birth control ring did not raise SHBG due

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Allergic Vulvovaginitis -OR- Does my Vag seriously have seasonal allergies?!?!

Is your vulva/vagina feeling raw for no reason?  Experiencing a burning sensation that you can’t pinpoint?  A mild itching or discharge that isn’t attributed to an infection or any other cause? Your bits may be experiencing seasonal allergies! I know it sound nuts but your vagina and vestibule are mucus membranes just like your eyes, nose, and throat and they

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How Estrogen affects THC

With the legislation of medicinal and recreational marijuana in a growing number of places I thought it would be wise to provide some general info on how estrogen and cannabinoids interact with each other and how cannabinoids effect a few other key parts of the human body in an attempt to help people make a more informed decision about whether

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So many people are using products to clean their vulvas and vagina that just end up doing harm, even products that claim to be specially formulated for the area. “Organic”, “limited ingredient”, “pH balanced”, “formulated for the sensitive vaginal area”—most of these products should be used on the vulva or inserted into the vagina. Any one of the ingredients in

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A possible treatment for vulvodynia/vestibulitis and vulvar pain on the horizon!

Vulvodynia, simply put, is chronic vulvar pain without an identifiable cause. Vestibulitis is cellular level inflammation of the vestibule and sometimes the surrounding labia, not to be mistaken with swelling such as with a sprained ankle or swollen lip that you can see. The location, consistency, and level of severity can vary among sufferers and has typically been described as

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