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Can more be done to prevent chronic/recurrent uti’s? A plea to Doctors everywhere

Recurrent urinary tract infections (rUTIs) are a significant problem in women.  Approximately 25-40% of women in the United States, aged 20-40 years, each year have an uncomplicated UTI (1). After a first UTI, roughly 25% of women have a confirmed recurrence within the next 6 months, and about 3% of those have a second recurrence within the same period of time.

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Allergic Vulvovaginitis -OR- Does my Vag seriously have seasonal allergies?!?!

Is your vulva/vagina feeling raw for no reason?  Experiencing a burning sensation that you can’t pinpoint?  A mild itching or discharge that isn’t attributed to an infection or any other cause? Your bits may be experiencing seasonal allergies! I know it sound nuts but your vagina and vestibule are mucus membranes just like your eyes, nose, and throat and they

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Facts About Vaginal Boric Acid Treatments

Bacterial Vaginosis and vulvovaginal candidiasis recurrences are becoming more common due to medication resistant strains, use and overuse of antibiotics, immunocompromising conditions, or poor vaginal health practices. These infections are becoming harder to eliminate with bacterial biofilms and exposure to uncommon yeast strains being the most recent theory. Boric acid has been used as a treatment for these 2 vaginal

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