Hi, my name is Aimee and I am a vulvovaginal and sexual health Patient Advocate, educator, and researcher. I like to dive into medical research and studies to find out WHY and HOW vulvovaginal and sexual health related problems happen such as infections, pain, and libido issues for example. I dig into what the scientific community knows, and what is being researched, in terms of how to better diagnose and treat these health issues.

My posts are not like your typical magazine site or other health related sites, I provide very in-depth knowledge on the subjects that are affecting the vulva and vagina and so my articles take a little longer to compose.

I provide unbiased, factual knowledge in language that is understood by everyone so that you can be assured that you have the information necessary to make the best decision for you and your health.

I have had many of the issues that I write and educate about, desperate for answers, struggling with Drs. to find causes and cures when something goes wrong.  Many people don’t have resources to turn to, be it financially, through family, or the proper medical staff who have the knowledge to properly identify the cause and how to treat.  It has recently been reported as high as 45% of ‘women’ are experiencing some form of either sexual dissatisfaction or major health concern involving their vulva that is not getting resolved!

I also provide resources of where to find very knowledgeable medical professionals who are specially educated and equipped to address these complex health issues when they do arise, and who have a passion for identifying and diagnosing even the most difficult cases.

Out of my frustration I developed a passion for researching why these health issues that are happening, how to address them, and am driven to want to share all of this with those in need, thus launching Healthy Hooha. Utilizing my desire for knowledge, excellent research abilities, understanding of the material presented, and the ability to translate the information into a more easily digested and understandable format as many with vulvovaginal related health problems are aware-good resources on how to diagnose, treat, and care for these special health issues is very hard to find.

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