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  • I would like to try three coconut oil just to try. Is there any harm in that? Also how should I apply? I assume not inside but outer layer of vigina lips?


    • Three? I’m guessing you meant ‘the’ so I’ll answer based on that lol. I use coconut oil regularly and so do many many women. A good, reputable brand, thats organic and virgin to retain its beneficial properties is best and keep it separate from other use and always wash your hands before using so you don’t contaminate the supply. You can use it outside AND inside-many people use it as lube for penetration and its completely safe to do so. It is used by compounding pharmacies as a base for medications sometimes as well. As long as you keep it sanitary it should not cause you any infection or ph issues.

      Typically you would apply only a thin layer to any outside areas as it us an oil and can get messy. And then for any penetration you would use what makes it comfortable and pleasurable for you, people tend to out down a towel to protect the bed sheets. But just have clean hands grab a little bit from the jar and apply it where desired!

      Let me know if you have further questions about applying this! 🙂


  • Amazing and fascinating read by the way!


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